My vacation plans….

In addition to my rampant obsession with all things spring steel and beech, I have a burgeoning affinity for reclaimed timbers, mostly because I’m cheap, but also because I abhor waste. In my recent travels, I have gathered some very nice timbers…..

The three smaller posts in the foreground are really nice old growth Douglas Fir that I have been saving for seven years….they were salvaged from my first house when i rebuilt the front porch. They are all about six feet long and 4 x 6 inches. These little ladies are sweet…the growth rings are amazingly tight…a hallmark of old growth timber. I counted one log at 32 rings per inch!!!! That’s tight, baby! Check it out…

The larger two logs in the rear I recently acquired in a trade from a friend (thanks Michel!) They are absolutely MASSIVE!!!! Solid white oak, both measuring over 8 feet long and 6 inches x 8 inches….needless to say, it took the two of us to unload them from Michel’s truck. They each probably weigh over 200 lbs. OUCH!

Anyway, I’m thinking that I see my second Roubo bench in these logs….maybe rip the two oak timbers in half and glue them up for the top, then use the fir for the legs and stretchers…what do you think?

And, of course, as you know, the ripping will be done by hand….and I’m very excited about it. I also recently acquired a gorgeous 28 inch D-8 with a thumb hole just begging to be re-filed into a 3 and 1/2 point MONSTER!!! (Its 6 ppi now, but not for long…hehehe) I’m thinking that would be a real fun project…the filing and the ripping!

So, I’ve got the week of Thanksgiving off and was going to be rearranging my shop and building a new joinery bench, but I will be tempted to start ripping this oak. I don’t think it will be acclimated by then, but I sure can file up the D-8 in anticipation. We’ll see….

I can hardly wait!!!!! So, what do you have planned for your vacation? ;o)

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