The Saw Blog is HERE!!!!

Greetings!!! And welcome to the saw blog! This is the first of many posts dedicated to my love of hand saws….hand saws of all kinds….back saws, rip saws, panel saws…you get the idea! Anyway, without any more to do, lets jump into my first post…

This past weekend I decided to make a HUGE change in my woodworking routine…I decided to sell my table saw…..YIKES!!!!! Now, I know what you’re thinking….”How can you make anything without a table saw?!?!? Won’t your productivity grind to a halt?!??! What about the quality of your work?!??!” I’ve heard it all before, and to the nay sayers, I simply say, “NAY!” The whole purpose of my woodworking hobby is to ENJOY my work, and the reality is that I have always HATED my table saw…..its noisy, dusty, and DANGEROUS!!! So, since I now am able to sharpen and use rip saws to a satisfactory level, I no langer need my table saw.

Have you ever ripped a piece of 4/4 cherry in half with a hand saw? How about 8/4 mahogany? Will I have, and it is pure pleasure….smooth, quiet, meditative even….its just you, your muscle power, the soft munching of wood fibers and the warm apple handle of a gorgeous and supremely functional antique Disston rip saw. Aaaaahhhhhhh! Pure Zen!

Now, have you ever ripped a board on the table saw??!?! Its a pain in the @$$!!! You wrestle the beast onto the table, flip the switch with your knee (a lot of fun in itself, and safe too!!!), and while you;re desperately trying to not cut your fingers off, you get to choke on mounds of sawdust flying into your nose and mouth while the whine and squeel of the blade tears at the wood!!! Hey kids, who wants to get lung cancer AND be an amputee???? Oh, meeeee, meeee!!!!! I do, I do, I do!!!!

So there you have it….from now on, armed with a stable of antique rip saws, back saws, panel saws, miter box saws (the kind that run on YOU, not electrons!!!) I’ll be pleasantly, quietly, and peacefully cutting and working away in my uncluttered, safe, and wonderful wood shop.

Jealous? ;o)

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  1. I haven’t quite taken the leap that you have but I’ve been working up to it for some time. My circa 1949 Unisaw is pushed off to the side and often gets more use as a table than a saw. I keep it for two reasons. I may just have to tackle a future renovation project involving sheet goods, and I dread the thought of hauling 350 pounds of cast iron up from the basement workshop. Look forward to reading your thoughts on saws.


    • George
      Thanks for the comment! And I agree….my saw was indeed getting more use as a TABLE than a SAW too! Kind of why it made me take the leap to getting rid of it!

      And its funny how many guys I talk to say the same thing….”I’m keeping it around for that kitchen cabinet remodel” or the like. I’m always surprised because I so much prefer to cut sheet goods with a panel saw and clean up with a jack plane…much easier than wrestling a 4×8 sheet onto a table saw top. But, that’s just me.

      Thanks again, and btw….I’m enjoying your articles in PWW…great perspective!


  2. Hey my table is an excellent assembly table, why would I get rid of that? I’m excited to read this new offering and welcome to the blogosphere!

  3. Glad to see you have your blog up and running, Matt! Good luck with it. And who needs a tablesaw?

    • Thanks Wilbur…I agree!

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